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Grundfos Machine Tool Pumps

Product Description

Grundfos Machine Tool Pumps

Grundfos Machine Tool Pumps

MTR(E), SPK(E) >The MTR and SPK series offer deliveries up to 1500 l/min and pressures up to 25 bar, and are all equipped with EFF1 motor,in doing so they achieve up to 81% efficiency. Due to variable total lengths and capacity, both pump series – in addition to circulation of    cooling lubricants - are also used as condensate or filter pumps, as well as in numerous industrial cleaning processes. Their cartridge-type shaft sealing can be replaced in a simple and quick manner, if necessary.            
Process optimisation is ensured by the design with integrated frequency converter, which provides the correct supply pressure during each processing step.        

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    • Flexible installation length
    • Wide performance range
    • Reliability
    • Service-friendly
    • Simple installation.

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